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Page history last edited by Joey Schmit 5 years, 7 months ago



Things have been quiet on the bagtag front.

Too quiet. 


Unfortunately, that means what most have feared -- there will be no bagtag this year. 

With all the irons in the fire and traveling for work, bagtag is simply not an option for me this year. 


I am hoping to host a couple of tournaments to conclude the year .

New locations and trial efforts. More information will come later. 


Until that point, please continue to support Josh Johnson and Wayne Foell in their awesome efforts in town. Also please support any tournaments possible. 


I have not been able to attend any leagues our tournaments yet, but I know the organizers put their heart and soul into the effort for little if any kickback. Thanks again.


See you around ~ Joey




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View Getting Started & Bag Tag Rules Here


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Carpooling Page for Bag Tag League


If this is your first time here, please make sure your information is correct. Please fill in missing information. Thank You.




2013 Frolfware Bag Tag Ranking Page


This page is provided for the Frolfware Bag Tag league to keep track of rankings throughout the course of the disc golf season. If you have any quesitons on how to edit the information, please contact Joey: joey@frolfware.com.


Thank you, and may your number be low. 


Please respect this page. Any cheating or ill-advised rank changes or website changes will result in forfeiture of your bag tag. If your personal information is incorrect and/or needs to be updated, please feel free to adjust it accordingly. However, tampering with others information will result in bag tag forfeiture. I (Joey) know who changes this page at all times!


There are three steps to change you and your opponents rankings:


1. Click the "EDIT" tab at the top of this page, directly below the words "Frolfware Bag Tag League"




3. Click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of the page


  Rankings:  Click  to Sort!

First Name Last Name E-mail Primary Phone Text Message Service?

Cell Service Provider

Preferred Method of Contact

Last Competition 
Tarmen Adams tla420@gmail.com


Yes Sprint Call/Text  
7 Chad Brorby cbrorby80@hotmail.com 218-790-6131 Yes
30 Trevor Carpenter lefte@gomoorhead.com 701-729-1731 Yes   Text/E-mail Bag Tag-9/5 
Ryan Cofell rcofell@ieee.org 701-527-6433        
5 Zach Cooley NDdiscgolfer@hotmail.com 218-791-6722 Yes Verizon Phone/Text  
19 Chris Dew chris.dew@mydiscgolf.com 701-361-1478 Yes  Verizon    Bag Tag-9/5
28 Trey Dew trey.dew@mydiscgolf.com
        Bag Tag-9/5


Cody Dietz Codyd22@gmail.com 701-200-5514 Yes Sprint Text  


Chris Dorscher trojan_man_27@hotmail.com 701-885-1730        
14 Josh(juicebox) Dunham lefte421@gmail.com 701-729-1731 Yes
 99-NA Shelly Dunham lefte@gomoorhead.com 701-781-0035 Yes
  99-NA Josh Elke joshua.elke@ndsu.edu 701-730-0853 Yes      
Matt Enfield matt_enfield@yahoo.com 701-541-3241 Yes Alltel    
 99-NA Daniel Espejo danny_espejo@hotmail.com 701-212-5664 Yes Verizon Text  
Colin Enz colin_enz@yahoo.com 701-361-8783  Yes  Verizon 

Daytime: Text


Chuck Flowerz chuckefinster@msn.com 701-412-4057 Yes Sprint    
21 Britney Foell foellb@yahoo.com 714-589-5739 Yes Verizon Yes  
8 Wayne Foell wfoell2000@yahoo.com 701-367-3394 Yes Verizon Text Bag Tag-9/5 
Zack Frisk Zack.frisk@gmail.com 701-361-6872 Yes Verizon Text/E-mail  
Tavia Fulliam           Bag Tag-9/5 
Chad Gerding dirty_hawk@hotmail.com 701-866-2395 Yes      
Mitch Giese



Jon Goetz goetzjonny@gmail.com 701-269-9877 Yes Verizon Text
 99-NA Lindsey Goetz soberlinz@gmail.com 701-320-5589 Yes Verizon Text  
12 Tanner Goldade TannerGoldade95@gmail.com 701-282-2112 Yes Verizon Text -- afternoons  
Michelle Grund michelle_grund@hotmail.com 218-329-0577
Jeff Ham jeff.ham@vzw.blackberry.net
701-213-5056 Yes Verizon    
25 Jeff Haberman jhaberman@fargoparks.com 701-866-4520 Yes Verizon Text/E-mail Bag Tag-9/5


Gary Hancock chefghancock@yahoo.com


4 Dan Haslop twizzler1@cableone.net 701-491-3198 Yes Verizon


Bag Tag-9/5
Ben Hillebrand b.hillebrand@ndsu.edu  701-330-3683  Yes  Verizon  Any   
11 Bryce Hins bryce.hins@my.ndsu.edu 701-210-0387 Yes Verizon Text Bag Tag-9/5
Ethan Hinton ethan-hinton@cableone.net 701-200-5301 Yes Sprint Text


Casey Holowell hollowhead330@aol.com 701-793-4668 Yes Altell Text/E-mail


13 Steve Ishaug discdawg@gmail.com 


Sprint  Text/Phone
Bag Tag-9/5 
Brandon Jacobs bojangs21@gmail.com 320-491-2374 Yes AT&T Text/E-mail


Al Jang allentrana@yahoo.com 701-261-4852        
Josh Johnson shorty6778@gmail.com 701-306-2816 Yes Verizon    
Dewey Joyce dewjoyce@hotmail.com 701-730-2922 Yes Verizon Text
Erik Kantrud ekantrud@gmail.com  
Pete Karl petesdga@gmail.com

701-200-4299 C

232-5321 (H)




Byron Klevgaard BJKBirdie@msn.com


701-205-6787 C

Yes Verizon Phone


Alec Koch lifeisdrums@yahoo.com 701-793-4950 Yes Alltel  
Elliot Koch elliot_koch@hotmail.com 701-793-5372 yes
Paul Kolesar thekolesar@yahoo.com 701-429-1487  yes  Verison     


Mark Kuhn mkuhn@mooreengineeringinc.com  701-241-9732 No
Matt Myrold thepassivevoice@vzw.blackberry.net 701-306-3445 Yes Verizon Text/E-mail  
 99-NA Conrad Olson conrad.olson@ndsu.edu
Shawn "Ole" Olson oleelliot@yahoo.com 701-552-2424 No Verizon Any
 99-NA Sean Osland seano1992@gmail.com 701-799-1429 Yes Alltel Text  
26 Jammin Pearson jammin62@yahoo.com 218-260-5262 Yes

40 yr. old

Virgin Mobile



Eric Pilon   701-219-3421 Yes Verizon Text
challenge 7/22/12
  99-NA Aaron Putz putz_182@hotmail.com 701-200-8766 Yes Sprint Text
  99-NA Brant Putz   701-866-6750 Yes Verizon    
Scott Ress isfgecko@hotmail.com
Yes Verizon    
15 Sam Riehle Riehle24@yahoo.com 218-443-0402 Yes Verizon Phone/Text after 3:00  
James Sandifer james_sndfr@yahoo.com 507-993-8630 Yes Verizon Phone  
9 Chris Schmidt bobbergonzo@yahoo.com 701-306-7217 Yes Sprint any RWBC 
10 Joey Schmit joey@frolfware.com 701-367-2905 Yes Verizon Any
Bag Tag-9/5
16 Dave Eshenko dmshanko@yahoo.com 701-730-6276 Yes Alltel   Bag Tag-9/5 



Adam Smith


218-329-2850 Yes Verizon Any  
Nick Taralson ntaralson@hotmail.com 701-799-7303 Yes Verizon    
  99-NA Robbie Thompson   623-451-6850        
  99-NA Justin "Bubba" Whitecalf white.calf.enterprises@hotmail.com 701-799-9697 Yes Verizon    
3 Justin Wiler Justin_Wiler32@yahoo.com 701-318-4360 Yes Verizon Any Bag Tag-9/5
  99-NA Zack Wilhelmi zackwilhelmi@gmail.com 701-741-5012 Yes Verizon  Text


Nate Grobe nategrobe@yahoo.com 651-402-4685 Yes Verizon Text/Call Bag Tag-9/5




Comments below are allowed, but please be respectful of others. Thank You.


2013 Bag Tag Schedule ---------------------------------------

Comments (18)

Alec Koch said

at 5:28 pm on May 13, 2009

Juice Box

Josh Lefte Dunham said

at 8:50 am on Aug 5, 2012

Last week at FMDGC league at woodlawn, Tavia Fulliam recorded an ace during her round while on an automatic bagtag challenge with brorby being on her card. As far as I know this would be the first ace recorded this year for Bagtag league players. Good Job Tavia on your first ace. Hole #1 at woodlawn

Dan Haslop said

at 12:40 am on Jul 15, 2009

In case anyone is interested: There is a Disc Golf Live television program that has been on CableOne Channel 12 on the last 2 Tuesdays at 11:00AM for one hour.

Joey Schmit said

at 12:02 pm on Oct 31, 2009

The Bag Tag financial report:

We had 35 disc golfers in the league, each paid $20 to get a tag. We had two people who lost their tag and needed to pay $5 to get a new one (they never received it, my bad. Talk to me if you want it over the winter).

That equates to this: (35 x $20) + (2 x $5) = $710 total for bag tag.

The breakdown: $5 for weekly bag tag prizes, $5 for end-of-year bag tag prizes, $5 for community disc golf action, $5 for the Floodplain Open:

$175 for each.

Weekly Prizes: Just in the Backyard Brawl giveaways alone, there were $90 worth of prizes. Then there was the $20 gas card that Ole won, the 40 discs that I gave away. Yeah, 40 discs throughout the year. Then there were t-shirts, dri-fits, food at my parent's place, and others that I know i am forgetting. There was definitely $175 worth of prizes given (probably double that).

End-of-year: $20 ace that Ole got, 6 sets of dics (CFR Roc and Destroyer/Xcalibur), a couple of free Bag Tag Leagues for next year (I remember Dewey, please remind me of the other one), and a tournament sponsor package for the person who held the #1 spot in Bag Tag for the majority of the year (Two B-Tier Equivalent tournaments paid for, approx. value at $160).

Community: At first, we were going to give Moorhead $200, but Andrew Zoller of Rock30 games stepped up and is giving that whole donation. Then I stepped up and gave 1 basket from Frolfware, as well as 1 basket from the FM Disc Golf Community, constituting our $200 donation. If that offends you, let me know, but I think a basket is a great way to show our support.

Floodplain Open: What Floodplain Open you ask? It didn't happen. Therefore, the money gathered for the FPO will be held over into next year. Also, the extra $10 will be added to this purse. It is nice knowing that we have at least $185 in sponsorship cash FPO 2010r.

If you have any money questions, let me know and I will answer them right away.

Wayne said

at 1:34 am on Nov 1, 2011

Hi. My name is Wayne. I'm moving back to Fargo and I'm looking for info on what's going on with disc golf there. Can some one help me with info on tournaments, leagues, what's being done in the winter and what's being done for growth of the sport. I know flooding has been an issue. Are courses being moved away from the red or new ones being built. Any info would be great. It seems some of the local sites are down or there isn't much activity. I hope I'm mistaken on that part. I'm hoping to have the chance to help out there. Please reach me at wfoell2000@yahoo.com . Thank-you.

Aaron said

at 3:17 pm on Mar 10, 2012

Yeah my casual rounds are usually solo so it would be nice to have anyone else out there. Starting to think it is having an impact on my tourney rounds. Although its hard to prove I play decent on my own and tend to tank in competitive play. It's going to be a good year for disc golf though so I am pumped.

Mitch Ellingson said

at 12:56 pm on Mar 20, 2012

How are the courses at the moment? I just got back to Fargo after spring break in the Twin Cities and would love to throw with some people up here again. Anybody interested in getting together some night/afternoon to throw? Possibly some doubles if we could get 4+ people together. Either comment here or shoot me a text at 612-310-2287.


Joey Schmit said

at 11:22 am on May 29, 2012

There is incentive this year for Bag Tag aces!

If you get an ace in a competitive bag tag round, post it in the comments section. The first ace in a Bag Tag round will win a prize. Also, the most aces throughout the year will win some prizes as well. Here is how you would post your ace:

Name: Joey Schmit
Course: Oak Grove
Hole: 5
Date: 5/26/12
Competition with: Josh Dunham, Eric Pilon

Brandon Jacobs said

at 7:40 am on Jun 30, 2012

Anyone looking to throw tomorrow afternoon? Anytime after 2:30

Joey Schmit said

at 11:24 am on Aug 6, 2012

I officially lost the scorecards from the last bag tag round, so I will not be able to update the bag tag numbers. Please update your own if you have a new number.

Sorry and thank you.

Wayne said

at 2:58 pm on Dec 12, 2012

Hi everyone. I know some of us here in Fargo/Moorhead are heading to the Phoenix area for the 2012 memorial championship. Registration opened last night at midnight. The last two years it filled up in three weeks. There's a link on the PDGA site that will bring you to the memorial website which has all the info needed. Remember that if you are playing open there is a rules test, and all players have to be signed up with the PDGA for 2013. If any am players are heading down I believe the memorial is a qualifier again for the USADGC in michigan. If I remember correctly the top 20% out of 100 some advanced men received invites to go to the USADGC in Michigan last year. The catch with the USADGC is that you have not won cash at a sanctioned event, currently an am player and your rating is below 970 prior to registration (Verify that for yourself because I may be wrong). Good luck and I hope to see more North Dakotans in Arizona this year.

Joey Schmit said

at 12:08 pm on Mar 4, 2013

Congrats to Wayne Foel, the now proud Fargoan, l for an 11th place finish in the Advanced Division at the Memorial!

ND represent!

Wayne said

at 3:25 pm on Mar 4, 2013

Wow! Thanks Joey. The memorial was a blast. Always great people running it and competing there. I'm in Vegas now throwing, tomorrow I crash my old league in flagstaff and on the drive home I get to hit more courses.

Here's a heads up for 2014. Am worlds will be in Minneapolis. It's very easy to qualify. Be a pdga member this year and earn points for playing in pdga events. There should be 600+ competitors. There could be divisions covering everything from girls under 10 all the way to legends 70+. It should be a lot of fun. If you're thinking about playing worlds and you're not a pdga member now would be the time to become one and hit some tourneys. I've heard there will be a handful of sanctioned events in ND and MN.

Joey Schmit said

at 12:20 pm on May 9, 2013

-- Sending out Thoughts and Prayers Repost--

It has come to light that Ed Van Winkle Sr., a long time, extremely dedicated disc golfer from Grand Forks, ND has been diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer. He has recently become aware that he only has a short time to stay with us.

Ed has been a fixture at disc golf courses and tournaments in ND and MN for longer than most have known about the sport.

Please take a moment to think of Ed Sr. and his family in your day.

Pete said

at 10:42 am on Oct 18, 2013

For clarification, there are two Peter Karl's in the Fargo/West Fargo area. I am the disc golfer, he is the pedophile.

Joey Schmit said

at 11:10 am on Oct 18, 2013

Good for nothing West Fargo mayoral candidates. That guy can rot for being a filthy, dirty scumbag.

Pete Karl the disc golfer can be joyfully exclaimed!

Wayne said

at 10:02 am on Mar 4, 2014

It looks like ND state doubles will be on May 17th in Bismarck and then Brandon Balzer is running a C tier tournament the day after on the 18th. Look up Battle Fore Sibley on the PDGA for a link to register. Also The Minnesota Amateur Disc Golf Championship will be May 3rd and 4th. This is an A tier with 2 rounds at Kaposia.
I can't wait for this snow to melt. It's looking like our flood will be minimal this year.

Dan Haslop said

at 10:08 pm on Mar 7, 2014

We are having a random doubles ($5) this Sunday 3/9/14.
Celebrate Dunham's birthday at Oak Grove park - 1pm.

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